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An inspirational story
Felicia & DeAirah

Surviving Pink offers information, inspiration, and encouragement for a life altering diagnosis. For me it was breast cancer, but it could be cancer, heart conditions, diabetes, anything that knocks you off your journey that you have planned. You have to keep going and keep moving forward. God Bless.

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Available on and Kindle format!


Felicia and DeAirah

It doesn’t matter the color of the cards; we just play the hand we are dealt. I have always chosen the blue cards and I played them well. The blue deck of cards made me feel strong even when I had every right to break down.


Unbeknownst to me, I would abruptly be introduced to the pink deck of cards and it was my turn to deal. The struggle that you may be facing in the present moment is only an obstacle preparing you to endure the journey. The pink deck of cards exemplifies uncomplicated emotions.


Learning that I was 1 in 8 was life shattering, but I knew “we” would survive. The day I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer I became stronger than I could ever imagine and loved more that I would ever know.


In Surviving Pink, my daughter and I share our story to show you there is a deeper meaning behind each situation.


Our most painful struggles allowed us necessary growth and solidified an unbreakable bond. We learned that what seems like the end of the road is actually the path we needed to get the peace, relaxation, and satisfaction that the color pink brings.


We invite you to join us on a journey to

Surviving Pink.